Go for Gold

Riding on the high from their ground blazing completion of the Western Tunnels Drive, the Western Team has dug deep into its pockets and raised over £600 from the sale of the Western Team 2014 Calendars. 

Fronted by a surreal view of the shaft at Hanover Square, the calendars celebrate the Western Team’s world class achievements and capture the personality of the dream team’s work.

“I am not a man easily pleased, but I am genuinely very impressed with the quality of the photography  in the Western Team calendars. They highlight our collective hard work, detail and team effort for everything we have achieved over the past year.” enthused John Humphrey, General Works Manager.

Each month features a different view from each of our sites right from the tunnels start in Westbourne Park through Tottenham Court Road, Bond Street, Fisher Street to Farringdon and Northfleet.

Huge thanks to the Western Team for their generosity, the money raised will be donated to the two BFK charities; Rainbow Trust and the Lighthouse Fund.

If you would like to get a copy of the BFK Calendar, please email

Thank you!