Madrid Metro Extension Programme

Since 1929 Ferrovial Agroman has been involved in the delivery of more than 80km of tunnels and 83 Stations for Madrid Metro and Mintra, and in doing so we have developed a long term relationship with Madrid Metro.

35,000sq m of underground construction

We have developed a win/win relationship founded on a common understanding of the roles and responsibilities. By working collaboratively we have been able to add value through our innovative and integrated engineering solutions.

During the last 10 years Madrid Metro has been undertaking a significant investment with the construction of a new line along with the expansion and improvements of existing tunnels and stations.

In this period Ferrovial Agroman has delivered a total of 28 contracts (totalling more than €700m) for Madrid Metro, including new stations and tunnels in varying soil conditions.

By way of example, the Chamartin Intermodal Hub is one of the most outstanding works of the 2003-2007 Madrid Metro Extension Programme. The project involved 35,000sq m of underground construction and 12,000sq m of surface construction. The interchange is a vital railway junction due to the four converging metro lines, bus station, and the existing RENFE railway station. An estimated 60,000 people now use this multimodal station daily.

The table below shows the most significant projects undertaken.

Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs)

Ferrovial Agroman has a long track record of working with the majority of TBM manufacturers. Our plant and equipment department has developed a very good relationship with the technical department of these manufacturers and this close collaboration ensures that the TBM specifications meet underground conditions and project requirements on all our projects.

Ferrovial Agroman currently has a total of nine TBMs, one of which is 15.15m diameter - the biggest in the world when first introduced.