Kier in Hong Kong

Kier has been engaged successfully in Hong Kong on major infrastructure works since the 1970s beginning with construction of tunnels and stations for the new underground train system. These rail works were handled so well that repeat contracts with the same government owned client have been awarded over the ensuing three decades.

  1. Hong Kong consists of large areas of land reclaimed from the sea and Kier has played its part in creating these new developments around the coast.
  2. Complex road projects followed in the central business district of Hong Kong requiring extremely careful planning of temporary traffic diversions.

Hong Kong Central Subway

These culminated in the award of the new Central Subway under the busiest traffic intersection in Hong Kong. Central Subway connects two interchange stations on the Mass Transit Railway system under the central business district. Although the subway is 34 metres wide there are times in the rush hour when it is barely sufficient for the throng of commuters passing through. The site constraints were so onerous that there were those in the client’s organisation who were doubtful that the project was physically possible.

The congested site dictated that the temporary works cost more than the permanent works. Servicescriss-crossed the site from the high rise offices which formed the boundaries, one of which was the Stock Exchange.

These temporary works were designed in-house by Kier Engineering Services. The project won high commendation at the British Construction Industry Awards.

Kier specialises in these highly complex projects typified again by our triple award winning contract to construct the impressive Mei Foo Station, part of a new line extending the original rail network.

The Kier collaborative management style was highlighted by the judges along with the huge extent of interface coordination.

Kier won the awards listed below

  • Construction News Quality in Construction Awards
    – International Project of the Year 2004.
  • British Construction Industry Awards 2004
    – International Project award
  • British International Expertise Awards 2005
    – Construction Firm of the Year.