Heathrow Post T5 Transfer Baggage Tunnel

The Heathrow Post T5 Transfer Baggage System project is a major infrastructure project at Heathrow Airport. The work comprises the construction of a 2.1km tunnel containing an automated transfer baggage system between Terminal 5C and Terminals 1 and 3 with a link to the future Terminal 2A.

Heathrow Connectivity Programme

In addition to the tunnel, the project consists of:

  • An interface facility at Terminal 5C including the TBM launch shaft
  • Western Interface Building (WIB) link to Terminal 3
  • Eastern Interface Building (EIB) link to Terminal 1
  • Destination Coded Vehicle (DCV) baggage system with a capacity of 3,000 bags per hour between Terminals 5C, 3 and 1

This project is a major part of the Heathrow-wide Connectivity Programme of works to meet the clear strategic vision for Heathrow to maintain its position as

one of the world’s leading airports. This requires a well defined and controlled transfer baggage product undertaken within a campus that has multiple terminal connections for both inter and intra baggage movements.

Ferrovial Agroman is the principal contractor on this project and, acting as complex building integrator, managed the integration of all design and delivery packages during the early development stages of the project.

Health and Safety

Health and safety was our primary concern particularly as the tunnels and shafts were being constructed around highly sensitive areas of the airport including the Heathrow fuel farm. This has been one of the great successes of the project and in October 2009 over one million man hours were achieved without any reportable accidents. We have received very positive feedback from the Health & Safety UK Tunnel Inspectorate.

Client feedback on the quality of the works has been positive throughout both the project and staged handovers. We have consistently achieved the milestone dates ahead of programme while minimising disruption at the airport and have maintained costs within the client’s budget.